How to Install L2J Server

By nonom, 1 April, 2021

During years L2JServer was working to have a full featured L2 server emulator. It was possible thanks to many developers who contributed along the time. So I would like share my own experience and knowledge on this pages for a future usage.

We will get an approach of what we can do, after that we will go in depth to see what we could do with a more complex infrastructure.

  • What is L2JServer.
  • Installing Centos 8.
  • Installing MySQL 8.
  • Tunning MySQL
  • Configure a L2J Login server.
  • Configure a L2J Game server.
  • Prepare your own builds.
  • A Symfony account manager.
  • Rewriting old PHP status scripts.
  • A more complex architecture.
  • Performance tips.
  • Linux shell scripts.
  • Using telnet.

Under the topics we will cover both, L2JServer and Symfony -Java and PHP- also will provide the enough knowledge and skills to modify your Java and PHP code. 

Stay connected.